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Mini Hockey Rules 2009 Statement

Mini Hockey Rules 2009 Statement

England Hockey 16.10.2009

Please find below a statement from England Hockey regarding the implementation of the new Rules for Mini Hockey 2009.  You can also download this information using the link at the bottom of the page.

Implementation Date in England
The Rules of Mini Hockey are issued by England Hockey.  They are reviewed every two years so as to be in accordance with the revised FIH Rules of Hockey (where appropriate). 
England Hockey has not previously adapted or adopted any mandatory experiments from the 11 a-side game into Mini Hockey; however, this year, due to the significant impact of the new free hit mandatory experiment England Hockey has reviewed its position and can confirm that the new Rules of Mini Hockey 2009-10 will include an adapted version of the self-pass at free hits and re-starts. These new Rules of Mini Hockey 2009-10 shall apply to all mini hockey players and officials. The implementation date is for all mini hockey competitions, inclusive of schools and clubs championships, is 1 November 2009.  Any club, school, association or organisation wishing to implement prior to 1 November is free to do so. Availability of Rules
Mini Hockey Rules 2009-10 books are available from England Hockey.  Please use the order form available on the England Hockey website at www.englandhockey.co.uk/umpiring.
The Rules will also be available to read or download as a PDF from the website by the end of the week commencing 19 October 2009. Changes to Rules
The mandatory experimental rule relating to the self pass at a free hit/re-start (as in 11-a-side hockey) has been adapted and incorporated into the mini hockey game.
Examples of Mini Hockey Rules changes 2009-10
a. The game is started with a hit or push taken from the centre of the centre line. It follows the umpires whistle at the commencement of play in each half of the game and after a goal has been scored. b. Each team must be positioned in their own half of the pitch and the opposing players must be a minimum of 5 metres from the ball until the centre pass is played. c. The ball can be played forwards, backwards or sideways and must move a minimum of 1 metre before being played by a player of the same team. d. The taker can use a self-pass (i.e. pass the ball self.) The pass must involve two very distinct actions i.e. the taker must first tap it forwards, sideways or backwards and then play it a second time either to pass it or to dribble it. NOTE: THIS RULE IS AN EXPERIMENTAL RULE AND IS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE SAME RULE CURRENTLY BEING TRIALLED IN 11 A-SIDE HOCKEY.
a. Free hits are to be taken close to where the offence occurred. b. The experimental rule (the self pass) can be played at any free hit. c. The ball must be stationary at a free hit and if passed to another player of the same team (i.e. it is not a self pass) it must move a minimum of 1 metre before being played by another player of the same team. d. If the free hit is a self pass the actions of taking the free hit and of next playing the ball must clearly be two separate actions. e. Until the free hit is taken, all opposition players must be a minimum of 5 metres from the ball. f. If the free hit is awarded within 5m of the shooting circle, all players except the taker must be a minimum of 5m from the ball.  The ball must move a minimum of 5m (in any direction) before it can be directly played into the circle. g. A free hit awarded within 5 metres of the circle must first be moved back 5m from the circle edge before it can be taken. Again it cannot be directly hit or pushed into the circle. h. Opponents who remain within 5 metres when the free hit is taken (this is very common when the self pass is used) must not interfere with the play until they have moved 5 metres away from where the free hit was taken, or the ball has moved 5 metres. NOTE: THE UMPIRES WILL STRONGLY PENALISE ANY PLAYER WHO DELIBERATELY DISREGARDS RULE 15H.

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Posted by YHAWeb Manager on Friday 23 October 2009 - 08:52:08;


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