Website redesign and updates

A white rose, the YHA logo

It goes without saying that you will have noticed that the website is changing.

We’ve been working behind the scenes for a while now on the re-design of how the site looks.

It’s got to the point where we’re happy to at least start the migration from old to new.

New design

For the new design, we’ve gone for a much more modern look (well, you can’t get more 2006 than the old design, now, can you!).

You’ll, hopefully, find a cleaner design with less “clutter” that is much more mobile and table friendly, as well as looking good on a big screen.


You’ll still see, if you happen to view more than just the most popular sections of the site, some old design pages or links back to old design pages where new pages are not yet complete.

The migration will take some time. Time that those involved don’t have much of, so please do bear with us during this time. We’ll try and concentrate on the popular areas.


If you spot anything not working properly or just want to tell us an idea for how to do something better, please head over to the Website support page and let us know by raising a ticket.

There’s links in every page (at the bottom ) to the Website support page, too.

This is a new feature of the YHA site and, to be honest, we’ve no idea if we’ll get lots of tickets, just a handful or none at all. If it does prove useful, we’ll be enhancing this area, too, as we learn how to process tickets efficiently and make it easier for people to raise tickets correctly.