John Marshall – Tribute

A white rose, the YHA logo

It is a sad to report that John Marshall a lifelong supporter of Yorkshire and Doncaster Hockey Club has passed away.

I along with many others am proud to have called John a friend and he was always someone you wanted to see in his beloved Doncaster , Yorkshire events and at many dinners. He has created some fantastic memories for all who knew him and was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. I can do no better than the two notes from Andy Tapley and Ian Watson below.

The tribute from Tim Hawkins you can find on the Doncaster website gives some more insight to the wonderful man he was. Roger Lomas


John Marshall represented the very best of hockey friendships. One of those people who you have known for most of your hockey “life”; you only see each other occasionally but whenever you meet up it only seems a matter of days since you last spoke and laughed about countless experiences.

It is difficult to recount the majority of stories as excess alcohol somehow seemed to be involved, often unintentionally! John was the most generous of men in word and deed. He was the first to put his hand in his pocket at the bar and it was a real challenge to buy him a drink and he was also generous in his compliments if you had played well and managed to win a match against his beloved Doncaster.

It was such a privilege to be part of the group that watched Yorkshire win the County Championship for the first time at Willesden, London and with John as the Yorkshire President I am sure it would count as one of his favourite hockey memories . I think the fact that we went to 3 penalty shoot outs to win turned John’s hair white in one day , although I doubt very much that he remembered any of the night of celebrations.

You always knew when John was in a venue with that distinctive voice and laugh. I, along with many, many hockey players and officials, will miss the joy of his company the fun and the laughter. He represented the very best in the social aspects of our sport beyond the intensity of club and county rivalries, although you would never forget which colour rose he supported !

Rest in peace John, the memories will last a lifetime.

Andy Tapley


John was one of the great names of Yorkshire Hockey . I had the honour to know John over many years. He was a real gentleman. Wise but self-effacing. A lovely man to know.

He was on the county committee for ever it seemed and was the Match Secretary for many years in the 80’s. He became President from 1982-84.

When the County Championship was one of the most important annual event and selection to higher levels could be achieved from it. John was always about. He was the first Yorkshire President to win the County Championship at Wilsden in 1984 , two years before the World cup was held there in 1986.

A few of the Past Presidents formed a group (The Last of the Summer Wine gang) to follow Yorkshire to Kent and other counties and also enjoy weekends away. One year we travelled down to Kent to watch the match only to get there as the players were coming off the pitch. No one had told us that the times had been changed. I remember at a T20 cricket match at Abbeydale when the Last of the Summer Wine had a table. We were worried that John would be no longer with us and we carried him out, but it wasn’t drink but excitement that caused the problem.

What memories!!

Ian Watson